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Vaz de Almeida Advogados was elected, for the 7th time, one of the «Most Admired Law Firms in Brazil»

Vaz de Almeida has once more been nominated among «The Most Admired Law Firms of Brazil by the Country’s Biggest Companies».

Every year, the publishing house Editora Análise, from the city of São Paulo, runs the project «Advocacy Analysis ― The Law Firms and Lawyers in Brazil most admired by the largest companies», the largest and most relevant survey of the Brazilian legal market from the perspective of those who really have something to say: the clients.

Only the legal heads of the two thousand companies with the highest net income or equity (if financial institutions) with operations in the country participate in the survey They are carefully approached in the form of spontaneous, unstimulated research, and invited to cite the name of the law firm they most admire, regardless of whether they take their services. The result is a unique picture of the legal services available in Brazil and the most qualified lawyers to provide them.

Vaz de Almeida
Counting the most recent publication of the survey (2021), our Firm now has seven nominations in the yearbook «Advocacy Analysis». In all seven editions, the firm was ranked as a reference above the line of the 200 most admired firms overall, regardless of classification by category, number of lawyers, size, revenue, areas of expertise and regions of the country.

The Culture is the key
As soon as he learned of the seventh accreditation to the seal, Caio Vaz de Almeida, founding partner and manager of the firm, replied to the firm’s Communication Center, by message, saying that «once again, we are reaping the fruits of our Culture».

For Dr. Caio, already qualified twice as one of the «Most Admired Lawyers in Brazil» by the same yearbook, «the exceptional alignment we achieved between our culture and the professionals who embraced our concept is the key to everything» and «All we have to do is be grateful and respond to our customers with our best ― our job well done and finished.»

The Survey
The publishing house Analysis Editorial is the first journalism company in Brazil dedicated exclusively to the development of editorial projects specialized in mapping and analyzing markets.

According to Alexandre Secco, partner and editorial board member of the publishing company, the yearbook Advocacy Analysis «does not claim to assess the quality of legal services provided in the country, nor would it have the competence to do so. There are great lawyers at the top of the most admired, as well as great lawyers (…) among those not even mentioned in the yearbook. What we intent to do ― and we do it with an undeniable quality ― is to list the good professionals according to the image they left in voters. In this case, your customers.»

For Silvana Quaglio, CEO and publisher, and Ligia Donatelli, research manager, the basic purpose of the publication is to contribute to increasing objectivity in the process of searching for quality professionals in the legal area. «The companies that have started to use the yearbook as a reference in their hiring are many.»

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Vaz de Almeida Advogados is an independent Law Firm dedicated to providing legal support to foreign companies in Brazil and Brazilian companies located in the country and abroad. Our firm counts on a coterie of experts experienced in unblocking the barriers that compromise executives’ time and energy, freeing them to focus on the work that really matters: exceeding shareholder expectations.

The contents we publish are intended to communicate the legal perspective on current events, as well as to provide context for the most relevant events that may influence companies and organizations. Concrete cases demand personalized technical attention to the facts, and you must obtain tailored legal advice before taking any legal or paralegal action. If you, your company, or your organization’s board of shareholders need advice, contact the lawyer you trust.
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VAZ DE ALMEIDA ADVOGADOS is an independent Law Firm, dedicated exclusively to giving Legal Support for foreign companies in Brazil, as well as for Brazilian companies operating in the country and abroad. We specialize in unblocking the barriers that compromise executives' time and energy, so that they can focus on the work that really matters: exceeding their shareholders' expectations.