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Vaz de Almeida among the Most Awarded Law Firms in Brazil in 2023

Vaz de Almeida Advogados is recognized by the four major national seals of Brazilian law: «The Most Admired Law Firms in Brazil by Major Companies 2023», «Most Admired Lawyers by the Largest Companies in Brazil», «Análise DNA+FenaLaw Award 2023», and «Most Qualified Law Firms in the Country’s Inland.». In the image: Mauricio Nucci (Tax), Julhi Bonespírito (Litigation), Amanda Duarte (Business Law) and Mauricio Ortega (Strategic Operations).

Paulo Reganin,
with Manu Georges and Evângela Cruz.
For the Communications Department.
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This year, Vaz de Almeida Advogados reaffirmed its position in the Brazilian legal market by being indisputably distinguished by all prestigious national law awards.
The most traditional seal was awarded to Vaz de Almeida by Análise Advocacia, given to the «Most Admired Law Firms in Brazil by the Largest Companies», the largest and most relevant survey in the national legal scene. Only the heads of the Legal Departments of the two thousand largest companies in Brazil participate in the survey, spontaneously responding, in the classic «Top of Mind» category, with the name of the law firm they most admire, for which specialties that firm is particularly notable, and who their favorite lawyers are, regardless of whether they use their services.
This achievement marks the 8th time that Vaz de Almeida has been recognized, accumulating nominations among the «Most Admired in Brazil» since 2012; in this edition, particularly, with a distinction for one of our specialties: the highlight of our Tax Law area as a reference in the market.
Alongside the Análise Advocacia 2023 seal awarded to the firm, lawyer Amanda Pesciutti Duarte was also recognized as one of the «Most Admired Lawyers in Brazil». A partner at Vaz de Almeida’s Corporate Division, it is the 2nd time that Amanda has been listed in the directory. On both occasions, the recognitions were accompanied by recognition for her work in the Automotive Sector and for her prestige as one of the most admired lawyers in the «State of São Paulo.»

Análise Advocacia recognizes VAA as one of the «Most Admired Law Firms in Brazil»
Análise Advocacia recognizes Amanda Duarte as one of the «Most Admired Lawyers in Brazil»
VAA is a finalist for the Análise DNA+FenaLaw Award
VAA is mentioned for the 3rd consecutive time the «Most Admired Law Firms in the Inland of Brazil»
Vaz de Almeida was also recognized this year for its strategic Brand and Communication management, led by Paulo Reganin. The firm received the 2nd highest score in the «Análise DNA+FenaLaw Award 2023», an event aimed at valuing and encouraging the best practices in Brazilian law regarding management, new technologies, marketing, diversity, and inclusion. With 305 entries this year, the award sought to highlight the most positive and transformative initiatives in strategic law firm management.
The firm was also awarded the «Regional Law Firm 2023» seal, recognizing its excellence among the most prestigious law firms in the country, considering the geographical areas «Southeast Region», «State of São Paulo» and the circuit of law firms «Most Admired in Brazil» outside the capital cities. The seal was created 3 years ago, and the firm has been listed in all 3 editions, also indisputably.
/ Human Capital and Culture
According to the firm’s founding partner, Caio Vaz de Almeida, «the results substantiated by these four public recognitions are, probably, a consequence of our culture», «a People Management model that demands extremely competitive skills from our professionals.»
In Caio’s word, «Vaz de Almeida encourages our professionals to continually stimulate the act of relearning to learn, negotiating skills, converting ideas into implementations, creating a discipline of healthy habits, and exercising the necessary balance between respect and empathy, with the courage and integrity of character.»
«And, no doubt, it certainly takes effort», explains Caio. After all, it is a continuous educational process, starting with the leaders themselves.
«In the onboarding process, the new professionals at the firm read a letter in which I describe ourselves as a multi-specialized boutique with over 22 years of experience and yet we feel like a young office, full of life, passion, and energy. We also say that, in a certain sense, we are never satisfied. We are obstinate, restless, and curious. And on the other hand, of course, we matured. We consolidated a culture. We created our own concept of advocacy.» And, as we often say, a «Vaz de Almeida way» of doing absolutely everything.

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Focussing on what really matters ― We are an independent law firm, dedicated to providing legal support for the international operations and investments of foreign companies in Brazil and the internationalization of Brazilian companies, from preparation to support in the destination countries. Our Purpose is to identify and catalyze the best business opportunities, clearing the barriers that compromise our Clients’ time and energy, so that they can focus on the work that really matters: exceeding the expectations of their shareholders. We are not just lawyers. We are business consultants and strategists. Our ambition is to make the world a better place through our work and contribute to the improvement of the Brazilian business environment, positively influencing the leaders we deal with, as well as balancing, in a consistent and sustainable way, the creation of value for our clients with the creation of value for our professionals and the community.

Non-negotiable boundaries ― Either one has integrity, or one has nothing. Our company prides itself of the care it gives to every ethical aspect of human relations and of everyday work, ensuring that our team never crosses the line of no return. That is why we hold the highest standard of internal demand, guaranteeing that every deal is made only for the advantages of its terms. We do not restrain ourselves to the strict observance of Brazilian Law and the Law of the countries of origin of the corporations and investors we deal with, alone. In addition, we follow all the indications of the «United Nations Convention against Corruption» as well as the «Convention on Combating Bribery of Foreign Officials in International Business Transactions» of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). We also follow the guidelines about «Good Practice Guidance on Internal Controls, Ethics and Compliance» (2009), as well as the «Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises » (2011), both issued by the OECD. We believe, that doing the right thing is good for business, and that honest work strengthens the belief, that despair over the ways of the world shall not prevail.

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