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Amanda Duarte is recognized as one of the most admired lawyers in Brazil

The editorial project Análise Advocacia recognizes Amanda Pesciutti Duarte as One of the Most Admired Lawyers in the country in two categories.

Amanda Pesciutti Duarte, partner of Corporate Vaz de Almeida, was nominated by «Análise Advocacia ― Os Escritórios e os Advogados Mais Admirados do Brasil pelas Maiores Empresas» as on of the «Most Admired Lawyers in the Country» in 2021.

Amanda is the leader of a (incredible) full solution team that works in front of Incorporation and corporate reconstruction, mergers and acquisitions, sales and purchases of companies and participation. Under her responsibility are also the operations in Digital Law, Cyber Security, and Intellectual Property. Postgraduate in Corporate Law, with specialty in Digital Law, Amanda Pesciutti Duarte is a part of the Vaz de Almeida community since 2016.

As soon as she acknowledged the recognition by the yearbook ― 4th place (Brazil) for the Automotive economic department and in 5th place in the State of São Paulo ― Amanda attributed to her team: «Our team is very happy and proud because they know the seal belongs to them.» «This is the type of recognition that is wonderful to celebrate, the recognition of the quality of our work through our clients».

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