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Vaz de Almeida and the German-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce promote event on electromobility

Vaz de Almeida and the German-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce promote event on electromobility in Campinas, with the main theme «Legal impacts of electromobility on the automotive production chain».

By Paulo Reganin, editor.

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On May 26th, Vaz de Almeida Advogados will offer its clients, guests and associates of the German-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce a panel on the legal impacts and opportunities of electromobility, on and for the Automotive and Autoparts Sector. The invitation is extended to all professionals in the Sector. Just submit your application for registration (free of charge) to the German-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce, promoter of the event.

The event happens entirely on-site and will be held at the Vitória Hotel Concept in Campinas, from 8:30 am to 12 pm and will feature partners Mauricio Ortega Vieira and Mauricio Santos Nucci (panelists), with the intermediation of Amanda Pesciutti Duarte, partner of the Corporate Area, which brings together the areas of Corporate Law and Contracts, New Technologies, Innovation, Digital Law and Intellectual Property.

In the second half of the event, Luciano Pires, creator and presenter of some of the podcasts most admired by executives and business leaders (Café Brasil, LíderCast and Cafezinho) will be our guest for a lecture on the Culture of Innovation. In a market as competitive as the Automotive and Autoparts sector, it is necessary to innovate more than on processes and products only, in order not to become invisible. It is necessary to commit to innovation that money cannot buy; that which concerns the individual’s worldview. With 26 years as an executive in the Autoparts industry, columnist and author of nine books, Luciano Pires’ lectures are humorous, dense in concepts and, above all, provocative.

Applications from customers, guests and professionals from the Automotive Sector: access the German-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce’s application request panel here. 100% on-site event. Registration in Portuguese only.
Um tema urgente para o Setor Automotivo

Electromobility is neither a novelty nor a surprise. But its recent climb certainly is.

A publication by the Brazilian Electric Vehicle Association (ABVE) of May 7 pointed out, that sales of light electrified vehicles grew 78% in the first four months of 2022 compared to the same period last year. Added to the 3,123 new license plates in the month of April, the market already accounts for 12,976 units sold in the year, against 7,290 units in the same period of 2021. In addition, the first four months of 2022 also recorded that sales of conventional vehicles fell by a contrasting 23%, a disproportion (electrified vehicles on the rise and combustion vehicles on the decline) that has remained constant since 2019.

All over the world, indicators show not only the expansion of the electric and electrified vehicle segment, but also the acceleration of this expansion, propelled, at least in part, by a series of facts and events that are increasingly stimulating the adherence of consumers to electric cars: global inflation, economic recession associated with the pandemic, volatility of fossil fuel prices, international tensions over Ukraine and, to a large extent, the new cultural and economic paradigms regarding sustainability.
Electromobility in Brazil

Although, speaking in absolute terms, the total number of electrified vehicles in circulation in Brazil still does not exceed 90 thousand vehicles ― counted until the end of the first quarter of this year ―, representing only 2.5% of market share, a survey commissioned by Itaú Unibanco published in March (2022) revealed, that more than 60% of Brazilians are interested in purchasing an electrified vehicle – an extremely positive perspective for investors in the Sector.
Legal impacts and opportunities

According to Mauricio Ortega Vieira, partner in the Business and Strategic Operations and Automotive Sector Relations Area, «Given the facts, it is impossible to ignore the effects of this technological revolution on the legal relationships of the players involved. While a conventional combustion engine vehicle is constituted of 2,4 to 4 thousand parts, electric vehicles have only between two hundred and two hundred and fifty parts. We are dealing with the reinvention of entire tiers».

According to Mauricio Santos Nucci, partner in the Tax Area that comprises Administrative and Judicial Litigation as well as Strategic Tax Consulting and Planning, the States are competing for the installation of new factories and the updating of industrial parks for the production of electric and electrified cars, with increasingly ambitious incentives. « At the end of March the Government of the State of São Paulo presented a program to stimulate investment by the Automotive and Autoparts Sector in the production of hybrid or clean energy cars. By occasion of the program launch, the then Governor, João Doria, announced that it will be mandatory for state agencies to adopt the acquisition of sustainable vehicles», thus giving a nod to the hybrid and electric vehicle industry that is as powerful and stimulating as the tax incentive itself.

Called «Pró Veículo Verde» (Pro Green Vehicle), the São Paulo program estimates a tax incentive of around 500 million in ICMS credits (tax on the circulation of goods and services), in addition to other initiatives, with the aim of attracting 20 billion in investments in electromobility in the next 3 or 4 years.
Vaz de Almeida Advogados

We are recognized by the community, former members and even our competitors, as an experienced office in serving players in the Automotive and Autoparts Sector.

According to the most recent (2021) publication by Editora Análise, responsible for the largest and most relevant survey on the Brazilian legal market, our firm now has 7 nominations as one of the «Most Admired Offices in Brazil by the Largest Companies», in addition to two personal appointments of the founding partner, Caio Vaz de Almeida, in 2016 and 2017, and one appointment to Amanda Duarte, in 2021, both among «The Most Admired Lawyers in Brazil», both nominated by our clients in the Automotive Sector.

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