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Vaz de Almeida formalizes the global commitment HeForShe

At our firm, 61% of all our members are women, that also occupies 4 of the 7 seats on the Strategic Leaders Committee (2021).

Paulo Reganin, editor.
From the Comunication Department.
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«HeForShe: men are part of the solution.»
On the occasion of International Women’s Day, we made a formal commitment to the global #HeForShe movement, becoming its signatories.
The #HeForShe movement, initiated by UN-Women for the purpose of encouraging dialogues among men about respect for women.
The proposition is simple. Men: use your power of influence. Talk about the respect for women with friends, wherever you are. At work, at the bar, at the barber, on the mat, at the stadium or at the gym. Practice and stimulate the practice of gender equity in all your social roles with your example. Just that!
Vaz de Almeida Advogados is proud of its uninterrupted history of respect for women and the environment it provides for them ― and the facts speak for themselves: at our office, 61% of all our members are women, that also occupies 4 of the 7 seats on the Strategic Leaders Committee (2021).
Make the commitment
Millions of people worldwide are already part of the United Nations global solidarity movement for gender equality. Get inspired by their stories and take action.
Compromisso HeForShe


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We celebrate diversity and defy every form of prejudice, because we want everyone to be proud of what they are and want to be. Furthermore, we believe that a truly inclusive culture shows itself in an open space for everybody, dissolves barriers and unleashes each person’s natural potential.

All people deserve respect
Treating people with respect, dignity and a spirit of inclusion brings out the best in us all—and it’s the right thing to do. Thus we repudiate bullying, harassment, intimidation, any form of hostile treatment, humiliation, psychological abuse, offensive or derogatory speech, unwanted physical contact and invasion of privacy or personal space.

Inclusion & Diversity
We are committed to maintaining the workplace free from all forms of discrimination and ill-treatment, on any pretext, mainly on the basis of genotypic or phenotypic characteristics, special health conditions or physical or mental disability, due to age, due to pregnancy, parental status, ideologies based on the concept of «race», gender, gender identities and expressions, religious experiences, cultural matrices, nationality, social origin and academic background. Conducting business in a loyal and honorable manner, without disregarding the dignity of people is at the basis of our Culture and corporate responsibility.

Either you have integrity or you have nothing
We are proud of the care with which we handle every ethical aspect of human relations and ordinary work, so that our team never goes beyond a border with no return. Therefore we set a high standard of internal requirements, so that deals are closed solely on the basis of the advantages of their own terms. Ultimately, we believe that doing the right thing is good for business. And that honest work sustains the conviction that in a better world hopelessness does not prevail.

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