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State government showcases business opportunities in the State of São Paulo to European investors

Roadshow promoted by Sao Paulo’s State Government featured approximately 100 companies from Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

By Paulo Reganin.
From the Communication Department.

Legale Overseas, No. 238.
The State Government recently concluded a roadshow in Europe to showcase business opportunities in the State of São Paulo to investors and executives from various Economic Sectors. The event was organized by the Investment Promotion Agency of the State of São Paulo. Since May, approximately 100 companies from Germany, Switzerland and Austria had the opportunity to gain insights into the local business environment and the advantages of investing in São Paulo.

São Paulo is home to the largest German industrial park outside of Germany, which confirms the existing strategic alignment already established with European investors. However, there is still significant potential for new business ventures across multiple sectors, including infrastructure, digitalization, technology, innovation, and energy transition, especially in relation to green hydrogen.

The roadshow, promoted by Sao Paulo’s State Government, ― «Doing Business in São Paulo» ―, delved into critical matters for executives seeking to invest in foreign countries, highlighting areas in which the state excels, such as logistics, infrastructure, availability of skilled workforce, legal certainty, innovation potential, and foreign trade. The objective is to attract projects capable of generating economic development, jobs and income while also contributing to the advancement of strategic policies of the São Paulo State Government.

The Investment Promotion Agency of the State of São Paulo has been following the development paths defined by the State Department of Economic Development. It has been involved in various initiatives focused on reindustrialization, circular economy, and energy transition. This includes efforts to develop the green hydrogen value chain in São Paulo ― an area where Germany excels.

Thanks to the support provided by Investment Promotion Agency of the State of São Paulo, companies based in the countries that participated in the roadshow, such as Syngenta, Nestlé and Volkswagen, have already announced more than 30 projects in the State (factories, distribution centers, etc.), with investments amounting to R$ 5 billion and are expected to generate 7,000 jobs.

In 2022, Germany was São Paulo’s fourth largest trading partner, behind only China, the United States and Argentina, with a trade flow equivalent to R$ 38 billion, according to data from the Ministry of Industry, Foreign Trade and Services.

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