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State of São Paulo launches State Energy Plan 2050 with R$ 16.8 billion in private investments

The State Government identified 21 projects focused on energy transition; the plan is expected to be completed by the end of the year.

By Paulo Reganin.
From the Communication Department.

Legale Overseas, No. 237.
The Government of the State of São Paulo, through the Department of Environment, Infrastructure and Logistics (SEMIL), started, this month, the structuring of the «State Energy Plan 2050», with guidelines for encouraging energy transition projects and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in the State.

In total, 21 ongoing projects were identified, with private investments amounting to R$16.8 billion ― 14 of which in the Energy Area, three in the Automotive and Machinery and Equipment Sector, two in Waste Treatment, one in Mining, Metallurgy and Metalworking and one focused on trade and services. In total, the projects have the potential to create 4,519 direct jobs.

São Paulo holds an advantage due to its structural context, with 58.5% of its energy matrix coming from renewable sources, surpassing both the national average of 47.7% and the global average of only 14.1%, according to data from the National Energy Balance and the São Paulo State Energy Balance, both from 2022. With a thriving economy, São Paulo accounts for over 40% of the Gross Domestic Product and holds a prominent position in the Energy Sector in the country.

The State is a major consumer of electricity. It is also the largest producer of ethanol and ranks first in terms of installed power of distributed photovoltaic solar energy generation.

The potential for biogas production corresponds to more than double São Paulo’s consumption. It is the second largest producer of oil and natural gas, with projects involving new platforms, field development expansions, and pioneering wells with high potential for success in the Santos Basin (in the City of Santos), as well as areas near the State. In addition, hydrogen production is promising in São Paulo.

Therefore, the State becomes attractive for sustainable investments capable of reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. This process involves improving the energy efficiency of machinery and equipment, decarbonizing the transportation sector by replacing diesel with natural gas, with a focus on biogas, or through electrification, to mention two examples.

«The State Energy Plan 2050 will be widely debated with society and the production sectors. We plan to increasingly attract private investments to the State, through companies that seek to invest in projects focused on energy transition and the reduction of greenhouse gases,» says the Secretary of Environment, Infrastructure and Logistics, Natália Resende.

The plan was divided into two phases, the first with five core pillars (environment, social, infrastructure, regulation and market) and 12 areas of operation. They are: energy efficiency; water availability and multiple uses; hybrid projects; smart grids; energy resources; biomass, biofuels and waste; oil, natural gas and derivatives; offshore wind power; hydrogen; electromobility; climate changes; and market mechanisms.

All within four transformation vectors: decarbonization, decentralization, diversification and digitalization.

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