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Vaz de Almeida has once again been named among «The Most Admired Law Firms in Brazil»

«Advocacy Analysis: The Law Firms and Lawyers in Brazil Most Admired by the Largest Companies.»

Counting the most recent publication of the survey (2021), our Firm now has seven nominations in the yearbook «Advocacy Analysis». In all seven editions, the firm was ranked as a reference above the line of the 200 most admired firms overall, regardless of classification by category, number of lawyers, size, revenue, areas of expertise and regions of the country.

We are among the five most admired firms in the State of São Paulo in the general category; and among the four most admired boards in Brazil in serving the Automotive and Autoparts Sector.

The Culture is the key
As soon as he learned of the seventh accreditation to the seal, Caio Vaz de Almeida, founding partner and manager of the firm, replied to the firm’s Communication Center, by message, saying that «once again, we are reaping the fruits of our Culture.»

For Dr. Caio, already qualified twice as one of the «Most Admired Lawyers in Brazil» by the same yearbook, «the exceptional alignment we achieved between our culture and the professionals who embraced our Concept is the key to everything» and «All we have to do is be grateful and respond to our customers with our best ― our job well done and finished.»

For more information, please, contact our Communication Center.
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We are an independent law firm dedicated to providing legal support to foreign companies and investors who wish to set up their operations or structuring their investments in Brazil. Our firm has experts in clearing the barriers that commit the time and energy of executives, released them to focus on the work that really matters: exceeding their shareholder’s expectations. We offer complete support: we incorporate companies, define the best corporate structure and the best tax plan, advise on the real estate acquisition, and we plan the labor relations models, compensation, managing ― in one-stop-shop ― all your commercial and legal needs.

Our content has the purpose of communicating our legal perspective on current events, and to provide context for the most relevant legal events, that might impact companies and organizations. Specific cases demand personalized technical assessment of the facts, and shall receive customized legal assistance, before recurring to any legal or paralegal action. If you, your company or your organization’s board of shareholders need counseling, please contact your trusted lawyer.
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VAZ DE ALMEIDA ADVOGADOS is an independent Law Firm, dedicated exclusively to giving Legal Support for foreign companies in Brazil, as well as for Brazilian companies operating in the country and abroad. We specialize in unblocking the barriers that compromise executives' time and energy, so that they can focus on the work that really matters: exceeding their shareholders' expectations.