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Metaverse? We are there waiting for you

We created Eva, Eva Vaz de Almeida, our first avatar in Decentraland multiverse. Know our positioning.
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By Paulo Reganin.

It was News, in 2007, that an office in São Paulo «opened» a headquarters on the Second Life platform, a game experience that simulated the projection of real life in a virtual environment, through avatars.

There was, however, a double contingency: the technology of the time and the proposal of the platform had, by limitation and by concept, anonymity. Anonymity, by the way, was the key so that its participants could experience the appeal of a «second life», different from their real life. At that time, the position of that firm was not approved by the ethics and Discipline Court of the Brazilian Bar Association in São Paulo (OAB-SP), which, examining all the factors at stake, judged the initiative to be frivolous.

It is important to make it clear that the Brazilian Bar Association did not make an ethical judgment about the firm, well intentioned, but about the (still) precarious conditions of that technology, essentially due to the vulnerability of clients and the threat to the credibility of lawyers.

To understand the metaverse, it is essential to understand the blockchain. After all, the most sensitive aspect of the internet, its reliability, is precisely the object of this technology.

Since 1991, precursor models of the blockchain had been studied ― it is essential to study this technology in depth to reasonably understand the potential of the metaverse ―, but it was in 2008, a year after that event of the São Paulo office that «opened» its headquarters in Second Life, that blockchain became a reality. At this point, it is tempting to want to dive deeper into the evolution of the world wide web and blockchain to the metaverse, but this is not the appropriate forum, let alone the purpose of this post. At this point, it is enough to know, for now and as an example (if you are skeptical, at least as a premise), that blockchain is safer than a Notary, to the point that world class companies make this technology the preferred means of registration of their most economically sensitive contracts.

As you can see, between the events of 2007 and the present time, there has been an incredible technological evolution. And the metaverse ― perhaps it would be more appropriate to speak of metaverses, in the plural ― is not so difficult to understand, as is the blockchain itself, still greatly underestimated.

It is also an incontrovertible fact, interactions between people and between organizations are already happening in the metaverse. Large corporations have already been present and are establishing economic relationships through their avatars. Our avatar has already visited a Samsung concept store and seen some works in a Soho gallery ― all very real.

And just for the record, Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta is not the metaverse.

Ubi Societas, Ibi Jus: «Where the people are, there must be the Law»

It is not a play on words or a legal marketing action. We are really present in the metaverse, and we have been exploring it for quite some time now, discreetly, in some of its dimensions.

It is important to be clear, our movement was not, by far, to «build a branch» of Vaz de Almeida Advogados and, by this means, «sell services» through cryptocurrencies. We believe that it is necessary to mature a little more the subject, still involved in many doubts, for a serious panel to position itself in this way. But we have no doubt, it is necessary to be present ― and this, we believe, we have a duty to do ― wherever people are, wherever people cultivate their relationships and, inevitably, experience conflicts and controversies.

Also, many of our customers are already there. It would be an omission not to do the same.

We recognize: there are numerous issues at stake in the metaverse. Dignity, liberty, property; the free expression of thought and the prohibition of anonymity; the protection of intellectual, artistic, scientific activity and the inviolability of intimacy, private life, honor and image ― themes, in Brazil, of a constitutional legal nature and, in our perspective, the main reason for being there.

And the States? How will they be present? In what terms will it be possible to regulate economic and social relations? What about access to justice and the definition of jurisdictional competences in a multidimensional reality? We all know very little.

This is specifically why we created Eva, Eva Vaz de Almeida, our first avatar in the Decentraland multiverse. Instead of conjectures, prejudices, and fears, it is necessary to be a presence, to explore the metaverses and the synapses that will build between them. We need to witness its evolution, interact with people, connect.

With Eva, we can properly explore this new reality, learn about new forms of interaction and human relationships and the evolution of new markets and business models.

We have no doubt: we owed it to our clients.

(But, of course, we still prefer shaking hands with you.)
Vaz de Almeida Advogados is an independent Law Firm dedicated to providing legal support to foreign companies in Brazil and Brazilian companies located in the country and abroad. Our firm counts on a coterie of experts experienced in unblocking the barriers that compromise executives’time and energy, freeing them to focus on the work that really matters: exceeding shareholder expectations.

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VAZ DE ALMEIDA ADVOGADOS is an independent Law Firm, dedicated exclusively to giving Legal Support for foreign companies in Brazil, as well as for Brazilian companies operating in the country and abroad. We specialize in unblocking the barriers that compromise executives' time and energy, so that they can focus on the work that really matters: exceeding their shareholders' expectations.