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Brazil hits new records in renewable energy production

Brazil hits new records in renewable energy production
The data come from the National Electric Energy System Operator.

by Paulo Reganin

Brazil set ten new records in energy production from renewable sources in the Northeast. The data were released by the National Electric Energy System Operator, ONS. Four records were reported in average wind energy and four in instantaneous wind energy (when winds lead to a peak in production), in addition to two records under solar energy production.
The country’s Ministry of Mines and Energy mentioned the index registered on July 22, when for the first time the force of the winds generated energy capable of fueling 102 percent of the entire Northeast region for 24 hours. On that day alone, more than an average 11 thousand megawatts of wind energy.
André Osório, director of the ministry’s Department of Energy Information and Studies, said that these two ways of generating energy are part of the country’s renewable energy grid.
«The share of renewable [sources] in the electric grid is likely to continue above 80 percent until 2030, reaching approximately 85 percent in 2050. Such results will be attained mostly through the country’s use of its wind, solar, and biomass potential,» Osório declared.

This period, ending in November, is known as the wind harvest. According to ONS, wind energy accounts today for 10.9 percent of Brazil’s electric grid. This proportion is estimated to reach 13.6 percent by the end of 2025.
Solar energy represents two percent of the grid, and should reach 2.9 percent by the end of this year. On July 30, a new record was reported in the average solar energy, as an average 682 megawatts were observed in 24 hours. This amount corresponds to 5.8 percent of the demand in the Northeast.
André Osório went on to say that the ministry intends to invest some $515 billion to ensure the next expansion in renewable energy in the coming ten years.
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